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Nature Sciences

The Office of Scientific Research (OSR) is situated to the northwest of Weiming Lake at Peking University (PKU), in the "Jun Zhai" building. The mission of the OSR is to serve and manage scientific and applied science research on campus, to promote the development of scientific research, and to further create a favorable environment for the investigators of PKU in order to make PKU a world-class university.

The OSR has 6 divisions, including the Division for General Affairs, the Division for Basic Research Programs, the Division for Strategic Initiatives, the Division for Overseas Projects, the Division for Institution Affairs, and the Division for Intellectual Property Management. The staff of the office is well educated and professionally trained, with 12 members holding Ph.D.’s and 2 with Masters degrees.

The main responsibilities of the office are:

  • To organize and implement basic research and applied research financially supported by the Natural Science Foundation Committee (NSFC), the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), the Ministry of Education (MOE) and other funding agencies; to conduct international scientific research collaboration; to encourage faculty’s talents and help create a favorable environment for collaboration and development;
  • To manage the publicity of the university’s scientific and technological achievements, and oversee scientific and technological awards and technology related to Intellectual Property Protection (IPR);
  • To formulate and implement plans for institutions built by PKU; to assist superior administrative agencies in managing scientific research institutions at PKU, including State Key Laboratories;
  • To propose policies and guidelines for reform in science and technology at PKU; to determine the critical areas for scientific and technological development at PKU; to promote the establishment of scientific and technological services at PKU.

To contact the OSR, please email zhoufeng@pku.edu.cn or dial (telephone) 86-10-6275-1445 or (fax) 86-10-6275-1444.

Labs & Centers

Research Institutes and Centers

  • Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research
  • The Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • International Center for Quantum Materials
  • Center for Statistical Science
  • Center for Energy-Efficient Computing and Applications
  • Institute of Social Science Survey
  • Biodynamic Optical Imaging Center
  • Quantitative Biology Center
  • Institute of Molecular Medicine
  • Institute of Systems Biomedicine
  • Center for Pharmaceutical Information
  • Center for Synthetic and Functional Bimolecular
  • Institute of Clinical Medicine
  • IDG/McGovern Institute for Brain Research at PKU
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