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International Faculty

Foreign teachers are an important part of Peking University's faculty and staff, and play an irreplaceable role in the University's daily teaching and research, talent cultivation, and construction of academic discipline. Peking University has been inviting foreign experts and teachers to teach and give lectures at the university for more than 100 years, revealing that Peking University's education is up to date, open and international. This tradition also reflects Peking University's emphasis on absorbing the essence of foreign culture, using the foreign experience as a reference, and being in line with international academe. In a world that is quickly globalizing economically and education-wise, retaining foreign teachers is extremely important to our university's continuing competitive participation in international academics, as well establishing ourselves as a world-class university.

Peking University actively implements a program of intelligence introduction, appointing foreign experts and scholars from diverse channels to teach and research in the university. The number of foreign teachers at Peking University, including both long-term and short-term, is increasing year by year.

In recent years, the number of foreign teachers invited to our university, can amount to 700 annually. Coming from over 20 different countries and regions of the world, they work in almost every school and department in the university.

Service Tenet: Providing clean, safe, and comfortable accommodations for foreign teachers; providing enthusiastic, thoughtful and efficient service for foreign teachers and helping each college and department with the visas, expert certificates and stay permits needed; periodically organizing diverse activities to enrich foreign teachers' free time.

For more infomation, please visit here.

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